The simple tool for better

fights with your partner

These 4 cards are the simple mediator for difficult conversations.

Just lay the cards down between you and your partner.

Instead of reacting, just nudge a card.

Instead of yelling
"Woah, YOU relax!"
Instead of muttering
No. That’s not what I said.
Instead of shouting
Yes, I already told you that!
Instead of exclaiming
But I do love you!


Putting your foot in your mouth

Cycling between trigger, escalation, wounding & distraction

Wasting your breath yelling into the void of disagreement


Healing broken trusts & deepening intimacy

Increasing personal and relationship clarity

Learning how to fight better, smarter and with more love & appreciation

What people are saying...

The ritual that was created reminded us of why we love each other, which is a great starting point before "THE FIGHT!"

My partner and I were in a very dark place. Spar Cards created a safe container for both of us to say what we didn't feel comfortable saying. We went into the session in one state, and left in a completely different loving, open, caring one.

My 10 year old daughter woke up this morning and first thing she said was that she wants to "use Spar Cards every Friday night."

About Spar Cards

Leah Siegel created Spar Cards out of pure necessity when she realized she and her domestic partner were completely unable to have any conversation without expressing hidden resentment or escalating into explosive fights. Unable to afford a counselor at the time, and with a deep desire to be able to speak to the person she loved, she created Spar Cards.

What transpired upon using Spar Cards for the first time was the beginning of an entirely new way of being in the world. Leah started teaching couples how to fight, became certified in EFT, and ultimately became a healing coach herself. Her partner became her husband, and suggested that Spar Cards become a simple product so that it could be available to as many people as possible.

Ready to fight?

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